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Mini Portal [Extended] | Roberto Memoli e Marco Santoro  

Anacleto Vitolo
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Mini Portal [Extended] | Roberto Memoli e Marco Santoro [IT] | vj|dj set
11 December 2020 | 00:00 > 01:00 | VJ Television + VR + Twitch
Mini Portal is an audiovisual project by Roberto Memoli, Visual and sound artist, and Marco Santoro, musician, producer, programmer and VJ.
It explores the dual dimension of micro and macro where the natural seems unnatural.
Through the intervention and the video reworking - both prepared starting from images acquired by a digital microscope and in real time during the performances - the images lose their original size and scale, to acquire abstract and impressionistic forms in a continuous flow that follow the temporal relativism of the continuous bpm changing that lead the viewer into an abstract and fragmentary sound dimension, with some rhythmic / harmonic grip to cling to.
FOTONICA2020 💥 - Audio Visual Digital Art Festival

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